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#283: Dancehall Mix Vol 1 by Pudvenski posted 2009/11/16 - length 61 minutes

"I stopped actively following new dancehall releases a few years back, but lately I've been exposed to a whole new generation of production styles, artists and big tunes. This slamming mix by Pudvenski of Ringside Soundsystem was a big part of my personal rediscovery of the Jamaican sound. Being recorded 10 months ago, this mix should sound a bit dated to hardcore dancehall heads. For the rest, it's a great sampler of the popular dancehall flavours." - Pirkka


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    Beenie Man Tell Yuh Something
    Timberlee Gunny Gunny
    Bling Dawg Supreme
    Ward 21 President
    Bugle Nutten Nuh Change
    Timberlee, Natalie Storm & Tifa Dem Gal Medley
    Buju Banton In a Mi Bed
    Assassin One Way
    Beenie Man Look So Hot
    Tifa & Natalie Storm Talk Of The Town
    Mr. Peppa I'm a Hero
    Busy Signal Cool Baby
    Don Corleon Hear Bout The Winery
    Vybz Kartel Never Turn a Raper
    Assassin Dem Nuh Look Nuh Gal
    Elephant Man Nuh Linga
    Monsta Empire Daggering
    Bramma Round Of Applause
    Serani Tell You Lies
    Einstein Boopsie
    Vybz Kartel & Jah Vinci My Senorita
    Elephant Man Dancing Paradise
    Aidonia & Dr Evil Gangsta
    Mavado I'm So Special
    Assassin Jah Nah Mek Mi Suffer
    Bugle What Dem Doing
    Spice Best Kitty
    Demarco Wine Pon Di Ting
    Serani No Games
    Voicemail Sweep
    Bugle Doh Be No Pussy
    Serani Is This Real
    Elephant Man Dance
    Busy Signal Hustle
    Beenie Man Obama
    Beniton The Menace Recession
    Chino Ruff It Up
    Beyonce & Buju Banton Single Ladies
    Cecile New Year New Love
    Voicemail Gangalee
    Ding Dong - Man A Galis
    Beenie Man Yuh Know Fi Wine
    Mavado Gangsta Nuh Play
    Bugle Hypocrite Friend
    Demarco No Fear
    Vybz Kartel Kill Dem
    Bramma Daggeration
    Chino Style It
    Elephant Man Wine Fi Me
    Dagger Splender Daggering
    Charly Black Buddy Buddy
    Vybz Kartel Duggu Duggu
    RDX Daggerin..
    Aidonia Hundred Stab
    Chino How Dem Nuh Waah Nuh Gyal
    Beenie Man Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
    Busy Signal Done Wid Di War