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#273: Modern Soul 45's by Soul-Sami posted 2008/4/2 - length 53 minutes

"Whoa. It's been a full year without new mixes :/. Let's see if this sweet mix from year 2004 can help getting this site off the ground. Massive thanks to Soul-Sami of the Club Soulsides for providing the mix. The RealAudio support is out btw, I hope the RealAudio users can use the MP3 streaming as an alternative." - Pirkka


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    Quinn Harris - I'll Always Love You (L.M.E. 7")
    Entertainers - I'm In Love With You (HMC 7")
    Lee Mitchel - Best Shot (Full Speed Ahead 7")
    Elizer - Freedom Says (HPR 7")
    David Nevine - Maze (Padner 7")
    Larry Houston - Let's Spend Some Time (HFMP 7")
    Pure Pleasure - By My Side (QC 7")
    Mike Jemison - You'll Never Get My Love (Lake 7")
    Truth - Touch Me (Devaki 7")
    Al Hudson - I'm About Lovin' You (ATCO 7")
    Astor & Potentials - My Baby Knows (Aristo 7")
    Stoney Island Band - Stoney Island Band (Glads 7")
    Sugar Bear Johnsson - When Your Joneses Come Down (T-Jay 7")
    Ride Out - Someone Special (Rota 7")
    Timothy Marrow - Killer Moon (Timothy Marrow 7")
    McKinley Jackson - Love Overture (New Jersey Connection 7")