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#256: Back-a-Yard by Alastair J. posted 2006/1/14 - length 69 minutes

"Mostly dubwise selection..." - Alastair J.

"This mix has been sitting on my virtual desk for half a year... mostly a period of inactivity for the whole site, apart from the always lively message board (big up!). 2006 birthed a new un-corporate lifestyle for me, so hopefully this mix will begin a return to form for mixoftheweek.com. Or, failing that, a return of weak signs of life. Thanks for still being here, folks! And thanks to Alastair J., once again." - Pirkka



    Big Youth: Fire Bunn (Observer 7" single 1972)
    Johnny Osbourne: Water more than Flour (Studio 1 10" discomix 1983)
    Steel Pulse: Handsworth Revolution (Island Records 1977)
    Sarah Webster Fabio: Sweet Songs (Folkways records c.1975)
    Michael James Kirkland: What have we done (Luv'n'Haight reissue 1996)
    Upsetters: Scratch the dub organiser (Clocktower records 1980)
    The Slits: New Town (Island records 1978)
    Ocho: Undress my mind (UA Brasil 1977)
    Count Ossie/Guanguanco mix by Alastair J
    Tony Allen: NEPA dub (Blue moon records 1985)
    Archie Shepp/Thumb piano mix by Alastair J
    Dis Poem/Kule Kula: Mutabaruka/Congotronics mix by Alastair J
    Count Ossie/Kule Kula mix by Alastair J
    Blood of Africa: Lee Perry & Tubbys (Black Gold records 1975)
    Prince Tony: Big Youth Special Robinson (Klik records 1975)
    Sound Dimension: Bridal Wisp (Studio 1 records 1972)
    Jah Lion: Colombia Colly (Upsetter records 1976)
    Sound Dimension: Cairo (Studio 1 records 1980)
    Prince Jammy: Stalag version (Jammys records c.1986)
    Coxsone Dodd: Murderer version (Studio 1 10" c. 1984)
    Bobby Sanabria: El saxofon y el guaguanco (Flying Fish records 1993)