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#249: Sunrise, Sunset by EnginO & Mr. Minuzzi posted 2004/11/16 - length 75 minutes

"Jazzy vibes all over with some soul thrown in too. You can reach the DJs at www.33rpmRecords.com & www.rekord.net." - Pirkka



    J. Scott: Natures Revelations 2 (Bruton Music LP) 1980
    Show & AG: Next Level (Nyte Time Mix, Payday) 1995
    Foundation & Rezidue: Boogie Down's Got The Flavor (Database 12") 1996
    DJ Embee: Another Poor Lonesome Homeboy (David vs. Goliath 12") 2000
    Bugge Wesseltoft: Change (Jazzland Records 12") 2001
    Plej: Lay Of The Land (Exceptional 12") 2004
    Jaymz Nylon: I Know A Place/Marston Ferry Mix (Out Of The Loop 12") 2001
    Bülent: Olmali Mi Olmamali Mi (Numara Rec. LP) 1974
    Roboterwerke: Pipedreams On A Lillypad (CBS LP) 1997
    Chico Hamilton: Gengis (Stax LP) 1973
    Camp Lo: Sparkle (Profile LP) 1997
    Enoch Light: It Was A Very Good Year (Project 3 LP) 1970
    Shuggy Otis: XL30 (CBS LP) 1974
    Curt Cress Clan: Fields (WEA LP) 1975
    Faruk Green: His First Room-Mate (Deck8 LP) 1999
    Odyssey: Battened Ships (Motown Rec. LP) 1972
    Phillis Dillon: Closed To You (Treasure Isle LP) 19
    Parliaments: I Can Feel The Ice Melting (Revilot 7") 1967
    Sam Dees: Lonley for you baby (SSS Int. 7") 1968
    Replicant Rumba Rockers: Follow Me To San Jose (Nonplace LP) 2002
    Marumari: Canine Ecstacy (Carpark LP) 1999
    Don Walker: Children Of The Night (Brunswick LP) 1972
    Boogie Monsters: Honeydips In Gotham (Pendulum LP) 1994
    Kool G Rap: It’s A Shame (Cold Chillin’ LP) 1995
    Bergheim 34: Cold Curry (Klang 12") 2000
    Johnny Hartman: Sunrise, Sunset (Impulse LP) 1964