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#231: Independents' Day Legends by Iwere & Pirkka posted 2003/12/9 - length 89 minutes

"Iwere back again at the Albert Studios. We had some technical/programming difficulties due to playing NBA Street vol. 2 while making the mix and not paying that much attention to the mix itself. Still it's a selection of nice tracks." - Pirkka



    Mr. Bojangles: Producers Trophy (Crazy Joe 7")
    Brent Dowe/Gaytones: I'm Gonna Love You Version (High Note 7")
    Revolutionaries: Business Dub (High Note 7")
    Gregory Isaacs: Poor And Clean (Cash & Carry 7") 1979
    The Iron Phoenix: Natty Dread Christmas (The Thing 7")
    Alton Ellis: Mad Mad [version] (Studio 1 7")
    Puppa J. ja Tasottavat: Falla Me (Black Hula 7") 2003
    Jori Hulkkonen ft. Jerry Valuri: Fly In A Soulbox (H.A.N.D. 12") 2003
    A.M. featuring Sky: Choose To Believe (Mahogani 12") 2003
    Kerri Chandler: Things I See (Large 12") 2003
    Alicia Keys: You Don't Know My Name (j records 12") 2003
    Kanzulu & Declaime: Love Of Ca$h (B9000/Grooveattack 12")
    Source Of Labor/Beyond Reality: Wonder Twins (Jasiri Music Group LP) 2001
    Dr. Oop : Supa-Drupa (PUTS 12") 1998
    Digable Planets: Dog It (Pendulum LP) 1994
    Insane Psycho Home/Kukoo Da Baga Bonez: All I Hear Iz (Analysis/Insane Psycho Home LP) 2002
    Moka Only: Why You? (Battle Axe 12") 2003
    Cherrywine: Dazzlement (Dcide 12") 2003
    2Mex & Luckyiam.PSC: The Summer Jam (Memo 7") 2003
    Joe Dub: 95 (Easy Rider 7") 2003
    The Grouch & Eligh: Everafter (Legendary Music 12") 2003