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#218: As Hot As July by Fresh Ana posted 2003/7/21 - length 60 minutes

"Another summer, another mix by the same dude who brought you 'Le Mix Français' and 'Guest mix by DNA'. Enjoy!" - Pirkka


      No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


      Cumulus: Minun Lapsuus I (Top Voice LP) 1973
      Fugain & Le Big Bazar: Attention Mesdames Et Messieurs (CBS LP) 1972
      Baden Powell: Coisa No 1 (Fontana LP) 1973
      Conjunto Roberto Menescal: Surf Board (Fontana LP) 1974
      Cornelis Vreeswijck: Rio De Janeiro (Metronome LP) 1968
      Aarno Raninen: Loppusoitto (RCA LP) 1975
      Neil Young: Transformer Men (Geffen LP) 1982
      Lionel Richie: All Night Long (All Night) (Motown LP) 1983
      Bruno Nicolai: Napoletana (Edi-Pan LP) 1976
      Streetmark: Dreams (Sky LP) 1977
      The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds: Aquarius - The Lover Of Life (Elektra LP) 1967
      George Moustaki: Marchandage (Polydor LP)
      Alan Caddy Orchestra & Singers: Ain't No Sunshine (Avenue LP) 1972
      The Byrds: My Back Pages (Columbia LP)
      Sivuca: Canc‚o Da Volta (Viking LP) 1975
      Jeannette: Society's Child (Hispavox LP) 1973
      Michel Legrand: The Deep Blue C (Bel LP)
      The Association: A Moment To Share (Warner Bros LP) 1969
      Hans Joakim Roedelius: In Liebe Dein (Sky LP) 1979
      Donovan: Tangerine Puppet (Pye LP) 1965
      Streetmark: Tomorrow (Sky LP) 1977