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#199: Live At Jump Up by Adder posted 2003/1/2 - length 67 minutes

"Hardcore drum & bass action. There is a distrotion in this mix, but since Adder was unable to re-capture the spirit of the live gig in the studio environment, I decided to put this live recording online." - Pirkka


    No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


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    Tribe Of Issachar ft. Peter Bouncer: Fever (Congo Natty 12")
    Amazon II: Kin Of The Beats (Aphrodite 12") 1996
    Smokey Joe: Freakin' With The Cut (Smokers Inc. 3xLP)
    Elementz Of Noize: Chillin' On The Funk (S.O.U.R. 12") 1995
    Shimon & Andy C: Night Flight (RAM 12") 1996
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    Co-Cain: Roll Dat Shit (Runninz 12")
    -: Shooks (Chronic 12")
    Tribe Of Issachar ft. Peter Bouncer. Junglist [DJ Zinc remix] (Congo Natty 12") 1996
    DJ Trace: Liberty 1 (Emotif 12") 1996

    Photo: Pirkka Hartikainen