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#194: Sekava mutta mukava by Rayka and Pirkka posted 2002/11/13 - length 66 minutes

"It's been a long time (too long!) since Rayka last graced us with his presence. The mix name is in Finnish and translates to 'confused but comfortable'. We were mixing back to back, if anyone cares." - Pirkka


    No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    Yellow Magic Orchestra: Epilogue (Alfa LP) 1981
    Pavel Kostiuck & Guests: Brand New Day (Planet E 2xLP) 2001
    Charles Webster: Ready [Herbert's Steady Dub] (Peacefrog 12") 2002
    Kit Clayton: Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) (Vertical Form 12") 2001
    Johnny Clarke: Play Fool Fi Get Wise (Jacktop 7")
    Eric Burdon And War: The Bird And The Squirrel (Liberty LP) 1970
    KMD: Peach Fuzz (Elektra 12") 1990
    Kid 606: Together (Mille Plateaux LP)
    Brian Eno-David Byrne: Mountain of Needles (Sire Records LP) 1980
    B-52's: Deep Sleep (Warner Bros LP) 1982
    Jimmy Spicer: Money (Dollar Bill Y'All) (Spring 12") 1983
    Barbara Mason: Another Man (West End 12") 1983
    Mouse On Mars: Subnubus (Sonig LP) 2001
    Suzanne Vega: Song Of Sand (A&M LP) 1992
    Tortoise: Dear Grandma And Grandpa (City Slang LP) 1996
    Yusef Lateef: Song Of Delilah (Impulse! LP) 1978
    Logic: And So She Spoke (Sub-Level Epidemic 7")
    Phil Ranelin: Vibes From The Tribe [8-trk Version] (Hefty 2xLP) 2001/1976
    Keith Jarrett: Fort Yavu (Impulse! LP) 1973

    Photo: Pirkka Hartikainen