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#171: Prao-D's Drunken Sunday Morning Glory posted 2002/4/15 - length 66 minutes

"Hip hop from Sweden! Prao-D kindly recorded this set at Lifesaver Records after a weekend of deejaying and partying in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago. " - Pirkka


    No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    Steady B: I Could Never Loose My Beat
    Sugar Bear: Ready To Penetrate
    Jazzy J: On The Groove
    Encore: Ode To Breakin Atoms
    Detroit Emeralds Feat Mc Paul Barman: Yep
    Masters Of Ceremony: One To The Knot
    Que D Instrumental
    Afro Cuban Band: Something's Gotta Give
    Craig G: Take The Bait
    Rasheed Etc: 1986
    Soul Investigators: Pooh In My Organ
    Speech Defect: Get Biz
    Ultramagnetic Mc's: Ease Back
    Top Secret: Yes You'll Find It
    Mf Doom Feat Kurios: Ode To Sampo
    Mc Brooklyn Nice: Yeah Right!
    Lifesavas: Exercise
    Coca Bravas: Fat Beats Up Your Butt
    Chuck Brown: Bustin Loose
    Easy E: Radio
    Eric Ericsson: Star In The Ghetto
    Dhs: Body To Body Boogie
    Lifeforce: Freeze
    Sweet G: Ode To Isaac Hayes
    Drum Machine Boy: Gossip
    Graph: Okay
    Redman: Time 4 Sum Action
    Steady B: Bdp Remix
    2 Classic: You Should Know This