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#170: Late Nite Report with Plankton posted 2002/4/6 - length 88 minutes

"One of the local underground heroes landed at my crib after half a year's break.. I dropped some house & reggae for starters while Plankton blessed the mix with some hip hop gems." - Pirkka


    No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    Blaze: Directions (Spiritual Life 12")
    Passion Dance Orchestra: Present Past (Inner Music 12") 2000
    Women Of Color: Elemental [Earth/Air mix] (Natural Resource 12") 2002
    Zero 7: Distractions [Block 16 remix] (Ultima Dilemma 12") 2001
    Ten City: My Peace Of Heaven [Demo mix] (Atlantic 12") 1992
    Black Uhuru: Shine Eye Gal (Taxi 7")
    Martin Campbell: Gunman A Come (Channel One UK 7") 2002
    Epedos: South Bay (Sub-Level Epidemic 7") 2001
    The Cuf: Quit Actin Like A B*tch! (Mr. Pen Ink 12") 2000
    R.A. the Rugged Man: Even Dwarfs Started Small (Eastern Conference 12") 2001
    Mikah 9 & L'Roneus: One More Hit (Elusive LP)
    Tony Da Skitzo: Man On (Limbo Street 12")
    Three-6-Mafia: Late Nite Tip (Relativity 12") 1998
    Aesop Rock: Flashflood (Def Jux LP) 2001
    Tony Da Skitzo: No Questions (Mental Music 12") 1999
    "Baron" Dave Dub: Upgraded Text (Isolated Wax 12") 2001
    Visionaries: Everybody's Lying (Up Above LP) 1999
    Grouch: Stuck (Outhouse 12") 1997
    Young Joseph: Graveyard Shift (Invisible Enemy 12") 2000
    Onomatopoeia: (In)sense (Beneath The Surface LP)
    Buc Whead: Smoker's Emporium (Delicious Vinyl 12") 1996