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#168: Smiles, Fears & Wishes posted 2002/3/14 - length 69 minutes

"Some of the *ish I've been going through lately can be felt in this housey mix, even though I didn't have the time (or even the records) for a full audio diary. The sound might be a bit bass-heavy and slightly distorted due to a technical oversight." - Pirkka


    No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    Johnny Clarke: Ten To One (Attack 7")
    David Axelrod: Terri's Tune (MCA LP) 1977
    Blo: It's Gonna Be A Good Day (Strut LP) 2001
    Las-Civ-I-Ous: Nice To See You [Osunlade remix] (Central Park 12") 2002
    Samble Orchestra: Love Vibes [Stillmental] (Life Line 12") 1999
    Angie Stone: Wish I Didn't Miss You [Pound Boys Stoneface Bootleg remix] (j 12") 2002
    Utterance: Grant Me Utterance [Darand Land's Deep Pain Dub mix] (Deep4Life 12") 2000
    Les Go: Dan Gna [Sakred Rhythm Drum] (Spiritual Life 12") 2002
    Belizbeha: Inhibitions [Clear Horizons remix] (Belizbeha 12")
    Raze: Break 4 Love [English mix] (Columbia 12") 1988
    Annie: The Greatest Dub (Loaded 12") 2001
    KCC ft. Emile: Heaven [Heart Mix] (Shelter 12") 1993
    Larry Heard: Give Me Heaven [Chris Gray's Medicinal Purposes mix] (Distance 12") 1999
    Herbert: Aerosoul (Phonography 12") 1997
    Las-Civ-I-Ous: Nice To See You [Original mix] (Central Park 12") 2002
    Moodymann: Your Sweet Loving (Peacefrog LP) 2001