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#164: Lone Beer Drinker posted 2002/2/20 - length 71 minutes

"Another Tuesday evening, another mix to make, an SMS from the guest dj stating he's not going to make it tonight, a couple of beers in the fridge.. time to meditate on wax."


    RealAudio No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    CloudDead: ? (Mush 10")
    Augustus Pablo: Missing Link (Rockers International 7")
    Cornell Campbell: Queen of the Minstrel (Studio 1 7")
    Alexander Hope & De' Lacy: 4 Tha Love of You (Easy Street LP) 1999/1995
    Roqui: When Can I Call You (Network/Nugroove LP) 1991
    Theo Parrish: Paradise Architects (Peacefrog LP) 1998
    Zion I: Venus (Ground Control 12") 1999
    Horace Andy: Dub Ah Fulfil (Jamaican 10") 2002/?
    Beatless ft. Quasimodo & Madlib: Rock On (Ubiquity 12") 2001
    Taxi Gang: Computer Malfunction (Island 12") 1985
    Psi Performer: Art Is a Division of Pain [John Tejada remix] (K2 12") 2001
    Radioinactive: Launch Padlock Smithereen (Mush LP) 2002
    Phanatik: Big World (Stones Throw LP)
    Antipop Consortium: Splinter (Warp 12") 2001
    Atmosphere: Scapegoat (Rhymesayers 12") 2000/1997
    Johnny Osbourne: Truth & Rights (Studio 1 LP)
    Kompostikopla: Täyteen Dub (3TB 7") 2002
    Tortured Soul: I Might Do Something Wrong [Lonely Mix] (Central Park 12") 2001
    Luther Vandross: Never Too Much (Epic 12") 1981