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#146: Just Another House Mix posted 2001/9/6 - length 90 minutes

"A spiritless run-of-the-mill house mix? You decide.. it's been another rough week at Pirkka Weekly due to work pressures! Also I got my new parametric EQ unit today. This mix is a bit longer than usual so it's encoded at a bit lower quality (112 Kbps)." - Pirkka


    No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    Chris McGray: Deep Soldiers (Deep4Life LP) 2001
    Osunlade: 2 Thousand Cowries (Soul Jazz LP) 2001
    Kemeticjust: 30 Years At Sea (NiteGrooves 12") 2000
    Theo Parrish: Dreamer's Blues (Music Is.. 12") 2001
    Beth Orton: Central Reservation [Spiritual Life/Ibadan remix] (Heavenly 12") 1999
    Abacus: When I Fall (Guidance 12") 1997
    DSE ft. LU: The Fire (Mood Music 12") 2001
    Kerri Chandler: The Steel Drum Song (Madhouse 12") 2001
    Kerri Chandler: Right Now (Metaphor 12") 2000
    George Spruce & Freestyle Man: Why? (Mood Music 12") 2001
    Jesper Dahlbäck: Nyckelpiga (Svek 12") 2001
    Marlo: Wait Until The Morning (Estereo 12") 2001
    A Black Man, A Black Man And Another Black Man: I Believe [Instrumental] (House 12") 1987
    Theo Parrish: Insane Asylum (Sound Signatures 12") 1987/2001
    Ralphi Rosario: In The Night [Jammin' Jason Mix] (Hotmix 5 12") 1988
    Jon Cutler ft. E-Man: It's Yours (Chez 12") 2001
    Raze presents Two Cool: It's A Party [Deep House Party] (Grove St. 12")
    Osunlade: When This Feelin' (Soul Jazz LP) 2001
    Basil: City Streets [KAOZ On City Streets] (King Street 12") 1998