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#140: JA Special by Iwere & Pirkka posted 2001/7/12 - length 76 minutes

Roots reggae selection by Iwere, and then some modern dancehall juggled by myself. - Pirkka

DOWNLOAD & LISTEN No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    Tetrack: Only Jah Jah Know (Message LP) 1980
    Tetrack: Version (Rockers Int 7") 1980
    Hugh Mundell: Book Of Life (Rockers Int 7")
    Don Carlos: Have A Nice Time (Late Night Blues) (Moll Selekta LP)
    Bim Sherman: My Woman (RDL LP) 1978
    Jacob Miller: Keep On Knocking (Joe Gibbs LP) 1980
    Prince Far I & The Arabs: Concrete Column (Virgin Front Line LP) 1978
    Prince Far I & The Arabs: The Encounter (Pressure Sounds LP) 1978/1997
    The Abyssinians: Mabrak (Clinch 7")
    Bongo Herman & Jah Lloyd: African Drums (Teem LP)
    Bo Jangles: Prophecy Reveal (Errol T 7") 1976
    Junior Byles: Rasta No Pickpocket (Trojan LP)
    Sam Carty : Brother Man (Ascension LP)
    Ken Parker: How Strong (Soul Jazz LP) 2001
    Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder: Bonafide Love (Penthouse 12")
    Stone Cold Crew: Highway Riddim (Greensleeves LP) 2001
    Capleton: Miles (Greensleeves LP) 2001
    Risto Benjie: Right Now (Greensleeves LP) 2001
    Ward 21: Reverse (Greensleeves LP) 2001
    Goofy: What Dat Star (Greensleeves LP) 2001
    Kiprich: Police (Greensleeves LP) 2001
    Frisco Kid: Be Wise (In The Streetz 7") 2001
    Bounty Killer: Liberty (In The Streetz 7") 2001
    Kiprich: Mi Nuh Si Nutting (In The Streetz 7") 2001
    Mr. Vegas: Durex (In The Streetz 7") 2001
    Ricky Rudy aka Bling Dawg: Pass Dem Remarks (In The Streetz 7") 2001
    Spragga Benz/Lady Saw: Backshot (Rookie 7")
    Tanto Metro & Devonte: Double Jeopardy (Kings of Kings 7") 2001
    Cecile: Playa (B.I.G. Records 7") 2001
    Lexxus: Who Dem Rather (B.I.G. Records 7") 2001
    Determine: Nah Stop Sey So (B.I.G. Records 7") 2001
    Anthony B: Request Di Rastaman (B.I.G. Records 7") 2001
    Tony Rebel: Royal Soldier (B.I.G. Records 7") 2001
    Sizzla: Dirty Desert (White Robins 7") 2001
    Capleton: Woman Dem A Gwaan (Shy Shy 7") 2001