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#124: Going Blank posted 2001/3/8 - length 73 minutes

Another totally improvised mix (not counting the first 3 tracks ;)).. House, disco, indian vibes, thrash-funk, Finnish prog-rock, dancehall/reggae, r&b, hiphop, soul.. go figure!


    Ladyvipb: I Why The Pain (Nuphonic LP) 2001
    Chuck Mangione: Whill Where The Lord Hides (Mercury LP) 1975
    Ladyvipb: You Gave Away My Everything (Nuphonic LP) 2001
    Urban Soul: What Do I Gotta Do (King Street 12") 199?
    Ian O'Brien: See Ya There! (Ferox 12") 199?
    Next Evidence: Body Theme (Ibadan 12") 2001
    Lonnie Liston Smith: Sunburst (CBS 12") 1978
    Ananda Shankar: Dancing Drums (Blue Note 12") 1996
    Ostari Njengi: U-Bo-To pt. 2 (Timmion 7") 2001
    Jukka Tolonen: Northern Lights (Sonet LP) 1976
    Craig Parkes: Chiney Gal Riddim (Kings of Kings 7") 2000
    Cecile: Changez (VP 7") 2000
    Bushman: Ain't No Sunshine (VP LP) 1997
    Macy Gray: Do Something (Epic 12") 1999
    Lisa Shaw: If I Could (Fat City LP) 199?
    Speech Defect: Speech Defect [Instrumental] (No Cool 12") 2000
    Aceyalone: B-Boy / The Real McCoy (Project Blowed 12") 2000
    Speech Defect: Sofa Bed Super Rhymes (No Cool 12") 2000
    Atmosfear: What Do We Do (Elite 12") 1983
    Strafe: Set It Off (Jus' Born 12") 1984
    William De Vaughn: Be Thankful For What You Got (TEC 12") 1980