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#120: Shopping For Khakis posted 2001/2/7 - length 81 minutes

"More or less moody deep house / deep disco *ish, mostly instrumentals." - Pirkka


    No longer available on this site, but you can still try finding it using SoulSeek.


    Moodymann: [untitled] (Peacefrog 12") 2000
    Maus & Stolle: 2nd Rate People (Klang 12") 2000
    Underground Evolution: Eau Du Vie (Underground Evolution 12") 1999
    K K: K K (Ibadan 12") 2000
    8fat8: Rise Up And Walk (Afterhours 12") 2000
    Powerline: Double Journey (Wave Classics 12") 1998
    MSFB: Mysteries Of The World (The Sound Of Philadelphia 7") 1980
    Bruce Johnston: Pipeline (Columbia 12") 1977
    Class Action: Weekend [Accapella] (Sleeping Bag 12") 1981
    Metro Area: Tonky Pumpz (Environ 12") 2000
    Eli's Second Coming: Love Chant (part II) (Silver Blue Records 7") 1976
    Gebr. Teichmann: Flocken 2 (Festplatten 12") 2000
    Dub Taylor: I Can't (Fall In Love With Another One) (Force Tracks 12") 2000
    Recloose: Mym230 (R.I.P.) (Planet E 12") 1998
    Boyd Jarvis: Atmos-Fear [Dark'n'Dubby mix] (Wave 12") 2000
    Nicole Willis: Curiosity [Jimi Tenor remix] (Shk 12") 2001


    "I just want my life to be full of curiosity." - Nicole Willis


    "Many of the zone factories are run according to iron-fist rules that systematically break Philippine labor law. Some employers, for instance, keep bathrooms padlocked except during two fifteen-minute breaks, during which time all the workers have to sign in and out so management can keep track of their nonproductive time. Seamstresses at a factory sewing garments for the Gap, Guess and Old Navy told me that they sometimes have to resort to urinating in plastic bags under their machines. There are rules against talking, and at the Ju Young electronics factory, a rule against smiling. One factory shames those who disobey by posting a list of "The Most Talkative Workers".

    Factories regularly cheat on their workers' social security payments and gather illegal "donations" from workers for everything from cleaning materials to factory Christmas parties. At a factory that makes IBM computer screens, the "bonus" for working hours of overtime isn't a higher hourly wage but doughnuts and a pen. Some owners expect workers to pull weeds from the ground on their way into the factory; others must clean floors and the washrooms after their shifts end. Ventilation is poor and protective gear scarce.

    Then there is the matter of wages. In the Cavite zone, the minimum wage is regarded more as a loose guideline that a rigid law. If $6 a day is too onerous, investors can apply to the government for a waiver on that too. So while some zone workers earn the minimum wage, most - thanks to the waivers - earn less."

    - Naomi Klein: No Logo (HarperCollins, 2000)