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#119: Together posted 2001/1/31 - length 61 minutes

This is a vocal house mix I made as a demo for the SoulShine club in Estonia. I figured they want clubby vocal tracks, so I kind of tried my best to match that with whatever records I hadn't yet played on this site before. - Pirkka


    Tillsammans: High [Reverent Frosch remix] (Spånka NPKG 12") 2000
    H20: Got To Be Me (Liquid Groove 12") 2000
    Voices Of Life: Word Is Love (Silk Entertaintment 12") 1997
    Boyd Jarvis: Atmos-Fear [Atmospheric mix] (Wave 12") 2000
    Spiro Projecto ft. Josefina Sanner: Bluesless (Wrong Steps 12") 2000
    Mike Saxon: Faith (Undaground Therapy 12") 1999
    Deep Swing ft. Xavior: Shelter (Soulshine 12") 1999
    Sevynn: Free [Kelly G's Fly 'N Free Club mix] (Silk Entertaintment 12") 2000
    Jasper St. Company: Smile [Spen & Karizma remix] (Basement Boys 12") 2000
    Black Masses: Give It All U Got (Tom Tom Club 12") 2000
    Kenny Bobien: Walk Into The Light [Real Soul remix] (King Street 12") 1998