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#104: Tofu Joint posted 2000/10/05 - length 70 minutes

Someone requested old school hip hop.. well, here's some, mixed with newer rap and soul. I was suffering from a massive tofu overdose while making this improvised mix. Respect to Bamboo Center for providing all the (soul) food.


Third Point: Majestic Soul (Soul Fire 7") 2000
Jungle Brothers: What's Going On (Warlock LP) 1988
Del: Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo (Elektra 12") 1991
Geto Boys: F#@* 'Em (Rap-A-Lot 12") 1990
The Voices of East Harlem: Wanted Dead Or Alive (Just Sunshine 7") 1974
Crystal Grass: Crystal World (Polydor 7") 1974
West Street Mob: Break Dance - Electric Boogie (Sugar Hill 12") 1983
DJ Spinna: The Rock (Rawkus 12") 1999
Betty LaVette: Doing The Best That I Can [Walter Gibbons remix] (West End 12") 1978
Tamiko Jones: Let It Flow (Contempo 7") 1976
MF Doom: The Mic (Fondle 'Em LP) 1999
De La Soul: Oooh (Tommy Boy 12") 2000
Ultimate Force: I'm Not Playing (Rawkus LP) 2000
Schoolly D: P.S.K. (Scholly-D Records 12") 1985
The Fearless Four: Rockin' It (Enjoy 12") 1982
Crash Crew: On The Radio (Bay City Records 12") 1983
The Chakakchas: Jungle Fever '75 (Polydor 7") 1974
Sylvia Striplin: You Can't Turn Me Away (Expansion 12") 1996
Archie Bell & The Drells: Don't Let Love Get You Down (Philadelphia International 12") 1976
Norman Feels: Today (Just Sunshine 7") 1973
Curtis Mayfield: Beautiful Brother Of Mine (Curtom LP) 1975
The Stylistics: People Makes The World Go Around (AVCO LP) 1971
Emanon: Iambland (R0(ket$h!p 12") 1998


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