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#102: Fairground posted 2000/09/21 - length 63 minutes

Unusual selection of stuff - mostly tunes that I've had for a while but this far haven't been able to fit my sets: Finnish electro, Norwegian sewer disco pop, Austrian coma jazz, geeky electronica from Netherlands and New Jersey, commercial R&B.. I figured this one could kill the puritans, and Armand Van Helden as well. If you start feeling nauseous, stop listening.. ;-) - Pirkka


Ian O'Brien: Agua (Peacefrog 12") 2000
Didier: Yli Ojan [instrumental] (DS 12") 2000
LZ130: Matic cx2 (Super Cheap 12") 1996
Angel Lee: What's Your Name [r+b mix] (WEA 12") 2000
The Turtles: You Showed Me (White Whale 7") 1969
Dead Prez: Mind Sex [radio edit] (Loud 12") 2000
Freez: Southern Freez (Beggars Banquet 12") 1980
Annie: Greatest Hit (Loaded 12") 2000
Imatran Voima: ? (Kostamus 12") 2000
Mr. Velcro Fastener: Vector Graphics (Tie Entertainment 12") 1997
Metro Area: Wafer (Environ 12") 2000
Dr. Robotnik: Retro Electro (Rikos 12") 2000
Norken: Home (Delsin 12") 2000
Pole: Überfarth (Kiff LP) 2000
Astor Piazzolla: Pulsacion #5 (Joker LP) 1983