mix of the week
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What's is mix of the week?
MOTW provides weekly mixes of "soulful dance music and other beautiful sounds" for people to download and listen in RealAudio and MP3 formats.

Who does the mixes?
All of the mixes that do not state otherwise were made by Pirkka, who also runs this site.

How can I get the old mixes that are no longer on the site?
You might want to try

Can I be featured on mix of the week?
Well, everything is possible. If you want to submit a mix, here are some guidelines:

  • avoid tunes that have already been played on mixoftheweek.com
  • mix should be around 60 to 80 minutes long
  • full playlist info is required
  • don't send a house mix unless it's damn excellent
  • very few of the mixes sent/offered to this site ever get posted

Who runs this site?
This site is run by Pirkka Hartikainen out of Helsinki, Finland. Besides running this site, he works as a software engineer and is also involved in a record shop/label called Lifesaver Records. Here's a pic:

Diggin' in Toronto. From left to right: Henrik, in-store cat, Pirkka.

What kind of equipment does mixoftheweek use?

  • 2 Technics SL-1200MK2 turntables
  • Ecler HAK 320 mixer
  • Electrix EQ Killer
  • Quadraverb multi-effects processor
  • Behringer Eurorack M X802A
  • Archos Jukebox 20GB
  • Edirol UA-20
To see some pictures of the equipment, click here.

How can I set up my own mix site?
It's not hard, really. All you need is motivation, a PC with decent sound card, internet connection and some web hosting space.

Web hosting space is probably the trickiest of these to obtain - use whatever contacts you have or go for the budget hosting options available on the free market.

Remember that you can start small. In the beginning mixoftheweek didn't have a dot-com domain and the small RealAudio files were spread over various free hosting providers. That got the ball rolling, however, and plenty of hosting opportunities have become available since then.

Currently the price of bandwidth and hosting space seems to be slowly dropping all the time, which is good news.

Go for it!